Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My decision on whether to do a storyboard or script.

After experimenting with storyboards and scripts, I have to make a choice on which one to use for my Coursework. Because I have tried both of these methods and I have come to the choice that I will be using Scripts.

I have chosen to use scripts because you can describe everything that happens and everything around in greater detail than a storyboard, it helps create a clearer mental image than a storyboard. Even though a story board uses images. I have also chosen scripts because you ca write a lot and because you are going into greater detail, you have a more stronger opinion on who the characters are, but not quite a full opinion, leaving you open enough to express your own opinions on what type of person the character is and personally I think that it would be a lot more interesting this way. Also while writing a script loads of different ideas pop into your head and you are able to get them down really quickly into the script, while a storyboard will be a lot more time consuming because you have to draw the scenes at hand.
There are a lot of benefits with using a script, you can have full percision when telling your actors and the audience what is going on, you will have perfect information for where the camera will be and whenever the voice overs can come in or not, so by using a script it will be a lot more organised than a storyboard. Also if any mistakes are made and someone does not like the script such as the director, you can easily go back on to your document and just delete and re-write the part that he does not like, which saves a lot of time, because if someone did not like the picture that was drew on the story board then you would need to design a whole new image for that scene, which will be very time consuming for the great detail and attention that is needed.

But from story boards I have learnt that I cannot draw very well so I would not be so well suited to doing a storyboard.